Sacred Contracts

I had to make a trip to 2544758628_e2aa8dc5b2the other side of Australia to complete some business and wanted to take a book with me to read. Quite easily, I could have bought something at the airport, but as I was gathering up the necessary documents to take, my eye fell upon Caroline Myss’ book “Sacred Contracts”. I read it many years ago – so trusting that it was the right book to take – packed it.

I read just 22 pages on the 4 hour trip there.

I was stopped by this passage in Chapter 1 and would like to share…..

” Ultimately we make choices every day – consciously and unconsciously – that implement the terms of our Contract, keeping us on the path or getting us back on the path. We can also choose to enlist the aid of archetypes, spirit guides, and even the grace of God through prayer and meditation to attempt to fulfill our agreements more expeditiously.

If you do not choose to believe in a literal prebirth contract, or in reincarnation, or even in the power of grace, you might want to view your life metaphorically, as a journey you have agreed to take.

In past-life regression therapy, for instance, patients are invited under hypnosis to reenter the events of previous existences.

Yet the leading proponents of this method have shown that the vivid stories do not need to be viewed as literal events in order to be emotionally beneficial, but can be seen symbolically. People who “remember” past life wounds, beliefs, revelations and family histories invariably feel that they have gained from the insights these memories provide into their own unconscious and their life situation.”