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Clinical, Spiritual or Stage Hypnosis?

What’s the difference? Isn’t it all Hypnosis?

Well, yes …. and no….. Clinical Hypnotherapy is just that… Therapy. It is usually related to an ailment such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Migraine or an anxiety or an unwanted behaviour, such as smoking or weight issues and has a therapeutic outcome. A client can also be induced into a very deep trance state which enables surgery and is being used more as a drug free alternative in childbirth.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy can also have a therapeutic outcome, especially if a client’s current symptoms can be relieved by past life or lives between lives regression. Is it real? Is it a metaphor? For some people it is very real and the life described has been authenticated.  A search on YouTube will enable you to watch some Past Life documentaries, where children have been able to describe their previous lives with uncanny accuracy.

Stage Hypnosis is an art form. Somewhat frowned upon by the Clinical crowd, in fact many associations don’t allow their members to perform, the methods used to elicit the hypnotic state are worth investigating for the serious hypnotherapist.

“All the world’s a stage……” and every session of hypnotherapy or hypnosis is different, both for the hypnotherapist and client. Delving into the subconscious is like removing the stage paint or mask to find the true person underneath. If the outcome is achieved through therapy or fun or time travel, then it’s a job well done!

Sacred Contracts

I had to make a trip to 2544758628_e2aa8dc5b2the other side of Australia to complete some business and wanted to take a book with me to read. Quite easily, I could have bought something at the airport, but as I was gathering up the necessary documents to take, my eye fell upon Caroline Myss’ book “Sacred Contracts”. I read it many years ago – so trusting that it was the right book to take – packed it.

I read just 22 pages on the 4 hour trip there.

I was stopped by this passage in Chapter 1 and would like to share…..

” Ultimately we make choices every day – consciously and unconsciously – that implement the terms of our Contract, keeping us on the path or getting us back on the path. We can also choose to enlist the aid of archetypes, spirit guides, and even the grace of God through prayer and meditation to attempt to fulfill our agreements more expeditiously.

If you do not choose to believe in a literal prebirth contract, or in reincarnation, or even in the power of grace, you might want to view your life metaphorically, as a journey you have agreed to take.

In past-life regression therapy, for instance, patients are invited under hypnosis to reenter the events of previous existences.

Yet the leading proponents of this method have shown that the vivid stories do not need to be viewed as literal events in order to be emotionally beneficial, but can be seen symbolically. People who “remember” past life wounds, beliefs, revelations and family histories invariably feel that they have gained from the insights these memories provide into their own unconscious and their life situation.”


ImageA lot of the material here has been migrated across from the Ning site that I set up for the Australian Chapter of IACT, so if you have been searching for it – here it is!

All things have a season, so think of that site as an autumn leaf that has drifted off and recycled…..

I figure that anyone interested in Hypnotherapy will find this site and comment if they wish.

Rest and Relaxation in the Hypno Lounge

Welcome to the Hypno Lounge.

Hypnosis comes in many different forms.

You can be in a state of hypnosis whilst watching TV or even driving your car.

(sounds a bit like a well known beer ad…!)


There are many types of  hypnosis :

  • stage hypnosis,
  • clinical hypnosis,
  • holistic hypnosis
  • self hypnosis
  • spiritual hypnosis which includes past life regression and Lives between Lives regression.

The Hypno Lounge is the place to explore the different types of hypnosis and seeks to inform on ways to live a holistic and energetically congruent life.

Perhaps you are after a clinical application – you want to stop smoking or have exam anxiety or a procrastination issue.

Following on from this, Energy Coachingwill allow you to set achievable goals and move your life forward.

If you want to explore a more spiritual form of hypnotherapy then a past life regression could be the answer.

We all suffer from some degree of stress in our lives.

How you deal with it will affect your long term health.

The HypnoLounge encourages you to begin meditating. Done for as little as 2 minutes  at a time – using simple, achievable techniques stress can be reduced considerably