Hypnotherapy can help you in so many ways:

  • If you or a family member has exam or other general anxieties
  • If you experience anxiety around dental or medical procedures
  • If you have sleep difficulties
  • If getting things done is difficult because of procrastination issues
  • If you want to resolve an emotional block
  • If you want to reduce weight
  • If you want to stop smoking

Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis as it is more commonly known in the USA, was popularized by the late Milton Erikson who used the hypnotic techniques to address many medical and psychological issues. Other great Hypnotists were Dave Elman, the originator of the Elman Induction and whose legacy is continued with Larry Elman. Other American Hypnotherapists of note are Roy Hunter, Cal Banyan and Richard Nonegard.

There are many different styles of Hypnotherapy and choosing a therapist or hypnotist, can be difficult. Unlike the mainstream medical profession, many hypnotherapists – myself included –  will schedule a time to chat with you before commencing sessions.  This ensures that we can work together to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you. It may be one session or ten….. how long is a piece of string?  It also depends on your commitment and active participation in making changes.

You can book a Discovery Session HERE.

All sessions for the foreseeable future are now conducted by phone (Australian residents only) or online.

It is highly recommended that you seek out a practitioner that is a member of a recognized Hypnotherapy association (I am a Professional Clinical Member of the AACHP) and this will ensure that the practitioner you have chosen will be held accountable to a code of conduct, participate in regular continuing education and is professionally supervised.

Other Recognised associations are found on the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia site.

There is also a list of training institutions that provide courses. As the profession is self regulated, not all courses are government accredited,  however many courses reach or exceed the standard hours of study required by the HCA.