Spiritual Salon

The Spiritual Salon includes Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Soul Coaching.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy is another term used for Past Life Regression and it gives you an opportunity to explore your purpose for this lifetime, an earlier life or even lifetimes before this one, even what happens between lifetimes.

Of course this pre-supposes that your belief system allows you to consider this. There is much that we don’t know or understand about the spiritual realms or even the mind. A popular saying goes. “ the mind is like a parachute; it only works when it is open.”

So open yourself to unlimited possibilities. A past life regression session will start much like any other hypnosis session with the induction process designed to relax you so that you can access an almost meditative state. The journey will take around 2 to 2½ hours and is a judgment free zone.

Your soul will take you where you need to be and to discover what gifts you need at this particular time. If needed, Reiki will be included in the session.

You may find that either physical or emotional issues in this lifetime are resolved as a result of your Past life regression session.

Reiki sessions are beneficial as a follow up to a Past Life Regression session and help to integrate the information you have discovered as well as provide an opportunity to energetically heal past events. You can have a Reiki session to manage stress – although all sessions are offered as distance sessions until the current situation is resolved.

How does this work? You book an appointment time as usual and at the designated time, while you are in a safe and peaceful space, Reiki will be sent for a period of time. Similar to a face to face session, there will be a “debrief” either by phone or online.

Reiki Teaching face to face has been postponed until further notice but can still be facilitated online in the 1:1 format.

Soul Coaching sessions allow you to further explore your soul purpose and develop a more meaningful relationship with the Universe. This is a 7 session program that will guide you to nourish your soul.