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The days of the Hypnotist swinging a fob watch or pendulum have long gone…or have they?

Both are useful devices for catching the attention of the client and also to tire the eyes. The relaxation felt as the eyelids close and one of the senses is put aside for a moment.

Many Hypnotists/therapists use the tried and true Elman Induction and I have been lucky enough to watch Dave Elman’s son, Larry perform the induction at a conference. What a difference to reading about it! He explained the history of fractination and gave some tips on how to make it more effective.

Another addition to this induction is the “Eye lock” – a subtle test that the client cannot fail.

With the eyelids closed, ask the client to look upwards to above their eyebrows and a point on the crown of their head, then after a suitable pause ask them to open their eyes. If they have followed the instructions, their eyes won’t open. If they open their eyes, tell them to gently close them again and feel the relaxation.

There are many variations on getting the conscious mind out of the way. Some Hypnotists use counting out loud from 100 down and have the numbers disappear, others get the client to count “in the privacy of their mind” and still another version used by Cal Banyan is to get the client to start at the number 1 and count (slowly and quietly) up. For the seriously analytical client there is always the alphabet backwards or every 3rd letter…..

Whether you choose to do the arm drop or not, depends on your views about touching the client. Elman used it because the people he developed the induction for were all physicians and didn’t require permission.

Best to get permission (both in writing and verbally) from your client before you start holding their hands and dropping them!

So what’s your favourite or most successful induction?