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Hypnotherapy in 2013

If you are going to study Hypnotherapy make sure the course you do is recognised by the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia.

You could do a weekend course and depending on who you do it with, can cost you upwards of $1500 or more.  If you were really serious about Hypnotherapy, then you would check out one of the schools listed on the HCA website and do the hours.




ImageA lot of the material here has been migrated across from the Ning site that I set up for the Australian Chapter of IACT, so if you have been searching for it – here it is!

All things have a season, so think of that site as an autumn leaf that has drifted off and recycled…..

I figure that anyone interested in Hypnotherapy will find this site and comment if they wish.

Rest and Relaxation in the Hypno Lounge

Welcome to the Hypno Lounge.

Hypnosis comes in many different forms.

You can be in a state of hypnosis whilst watching TV or even driving your car.

(sounds a bit like a well known beer ad…!)


There are many types of  hypnosis :

  • stage hypnosis,
  • clinical hypnosis,
  • holistic hypnosis
  • self hypnosis
  • spiritual hypnosis which includes past life regression and Lives between Lives regression.

The Hypno Lounge is the place to explore the different types of hypnosis and seeks to inform on ways to live a holistic and energetically congruent life.

Perhaps you are after a clinical application – you want to stop smoking or have exam anxiety or a procrastination issue.

Following on from this, Energy Coachingwill allow you to set achievable goals and move your life forward.

If you want to explore a more spiritual form of hypnotherapy then a past life regression could be the answer.

We all suffer from some degree of stress in our lives.

How you deal with it will affect your long term health.

The HypnoLounge encourages you to begin meditating. Done for as little as 2 minutes  at a time – using simple, achievable techniques stress can be reduced considerably