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Back to School

examsAs the Australian summer holidays draw to a close, teachers and students are preparing to return to school.

For many, both adults and children, this is a time of high stress and anxiety.

New friendships, new routines, new shoes…..

If there have been negative past experiences around school friendships or learning outcomes, then there is often what is called “Anticipatory Anxiety”.

  • dry mouth
  • “butterflies” in the stomach (even upset stomach)
  • insomnia
  • memory problems

….. all signs of stress.

A stressed mind can’t learn efficiently.

It’s like having all the programs on your computer open at the same time – it slows the processor down!

When you are relying  on all your senses to help your subconscious to decide whether to run away or stand and fight, your primitive reflexes take over and stress hormones are produced.

Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping with stress responses and with school anxieties. Using the power of the imagination to “re-imagine” unlimited scenarios and specific therapies to revisit and defuse previous events, a qualified Hypnotherapist can assist in improving learning outcomes and making the social interaction easier.